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​Payments for Church Musicians in Queensland

The OSQ Committee has received and supported the publication of these documents on payments for church musicians in Queensland, with particular reference to organists. These are published for the information and general understanding of the issues for those involved in church music.

Copies of the documents may be downloaded from the tabs below.

From: Julie

Subject: Lowrey Festival Organ
Our Lowrey Festival organ was purchased about twelve years ago and has not had any attention (service/repaid) since new. At yesterday's church service it needed to be turned off and on again twice to avoid some weird sounds. What is our next step please?

​Answer: I will send you John Brimblecombe's contact details. He may be able to help with these issues.

Denis W.

Secretary, OSQ

From: Gaye

Subject: Hammond Organ to give away 

I have a Hammond organ (approx 40 years old) that I would like to give away. It was fully restored in 2006. I would like to see it used even for parts rather than take it to the dump. It has a double keyboard & the electronic rhythm feature.

Please reply to the Secretary OSQ: at email on Office Bearers page.

From: Greg Hartay-Szabo

Subject: Congratulations!

Congratulations and best wishes with the updated website!
Regards, Greg

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