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Messages from Organists 1

Our first message to start our M4O communication with members during the "Virus Crisis".

The New Virus-free Services at Church

The Elders, myself as the organist, and the Minister sat down to discuss the upcoming Easter services at church. Our Good Friday Powerpoint videos on the Stations of the Cross were just about ready, and we thought that the stories and images would have an intense focus of thoughtfulness for the congregation on this highlight day of the Christian year.

“Well” said the Minister, “I’ve had a communication from the state Moderator of the church.” That’s interesting I imagined, another thoughtful insight into how to interpret the Easter story. “And he says” went on our Minister “that all churches in our faith should cease congregational services as of next Sunday, three weeks before Easter.” “We should practice social isolation on account of the virus.”

All my plans for music selections for Holy week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, went up in smoke. No selections from Jesus Christ superstar, O Sacred Head, There is a Green Hill, and Easter Fantasie and the like, were wanted anymore. What shall we do.

Within days, the number of persons allowed in a gathering was down to a handful. Certainly not enough to allow a few singers a musician and a couple of Elders to support the Minister for a drop-in service for a few faithful.

That’s when our church became creative.

We had always done Listen-at-home broadcast of the service over the phone, for those not able to come to the church. We always had a healthy number each Sunday whose names would be announced. Gary, Walter, Betty, Don etc. Then we thought, we have to send out our service on-line. Not only by phone, but also by live video.

“We had better call Rob and Chris” said our Minister, “they will have all the technology ideas to put it together. If we can we should put it together for the next Sunday’s services.”

And that’s how it started. Our road to virus-free services at our church.

And of course they are also congregation-free, and organist-free.

So far so good, but there is some respite to be arranged for the Easter Sunday services. At which a small number of extra persons can support the service, because the church has been declared a “Workplace”, and provided we keep our social isolation distance, it is acceptable. An organist is included.

So this will be another story.

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