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OSQ beyond Times of Crisis

Updated: Feb 14

No, the Society itself is not in crisis, but we are all living in difficulties with work, health and social contact in the Australian Community.

It will be no surprise to you that organ related activities which we hoped to participate in and organise in 2020 were put on hold. However with the new social distancing recommendations, traditional OSQ activities are back!

Our Calendar shows the upcoming events from February to May.

So we are glad that the rays of hope on the 2020 horizon have now focussed upon a handful of events in the first months of 2021.

Again for members, a new section of the website has been prepared giving links to interesting material on organs and music which is on the internet, but is sometimes hard to find.

I would eagerly commend these new initiatives to you, as we experience better musical times beyond the crisis.

Peter Robinson, President, OSQ

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