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Keyboards of an organ


Improve your knowledge of the organ.

Learn about Organs and Organ Music

There are various resources available to learn the organ.

Understanding Organ Voices

1. Understanding Organ Stops (11m50s)

2. Combining Organ Stops (8m22s)

3. Mutation Stops (6m25s)

How to accompany hymns and songs (20m)

Organ Lessons

Composing for Organ

Reharmonising Last Verses of Hymns - Part 1 (11m15s)

Reharmonising Last Verses of Hymns - Part 2 (12m39s)

OSQ Organ Scholarships

The Organ Society of Queensland wishes to encourage young people to study the organ, particularly in the form of professional teaching in the special art of organ playing. We are looking for enthusiasm for the organ and organ music, whether you are starting the instrument, or wishing to advance your studies.


The Society is therefore offering to provide a Scholarship to assist with the cost of organ lessons or perhaps a workshop in the course of a year. We have produced a detailed guideline to the scholarship scheme, informing you of the conditions that the Committee will take into account in awarding a scholarship.


If you are interested please download the OSQ Organ Scholarship Guidelines, and the Application Form, and consider making an application. Applications can be made at any time, on the official Form, addressed to the Secretary at the address on the Form.


If there are queries about the guidelines or application form, you could direct them to contact the Secretary, or the President, through the Secretary's email address listed on the Contact page.

Organ Scholarships

OSQ Seminar Services

OSQ offer additional education in the form of seminars, contact the secretary to learn more.

Education Consultancy

An organ consultancy service is offered by the OSQ to assist local churches in matters relating to organ repairs, organ rebuilds, and new organs (pipe and digital).

From Piano to Organ

The Society is available to offer tutorials for pianists who want to play the organ. The tutorials cover the technique for manuals and pedals, articulation, and choice of stops.

Make the Most of a Digital Organ

Thinking of purchasing an electronic/digital organ? The Society can offer some preliminary advice to help your thinking if your church wishes to look at digital organs, or you wish to investigate one for your own use. The Society is available to conduct tutorials for players of digital instruments.  


Subject to your needs, this might concentrate on the choice of stops, and getting to know the features of your instrument.

Seminar Services
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