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Bright colour patterns projected onto organ pipes


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External Sites & Resources

Organ Historical Trust of Australia

The Organ Historical Trust of Australia was founded in 1977 and incorporated in 1978 under the Victorian Companies Act. Since OHTA’s establishment, Australia has enjoyed a period of outstanding organ restoration work and many significant instruments have been carefully conserved to international standards.


This has enabled Australian organbuilders to develop exemplary restoration skills and associated crafts people, such as organ pipe decorators, to attain an outstanding level of competence.

Gazetteer of Queensland pipe organs

The Gazetteer of Queensland Pipe Organs was first published in hard copy by the Society of Organists (Vic) Inc in 1976. Like other Gazetteers published around this time, it provided only synoptic specifications and a limited number of photographs. 

The author provided historical and technical documentation for organs in Queensland for the OHTA conference books in 1989, 1998 and 2007, and this has become the basis for the present comprehensive documentation of every pipe organ known to have existed in Queensland. 

Organ Australia Website

Organ Australia is a quality magazine with information about organs, organists, concerts, new and old instruments, activities of the organ builders around Australia and much more.

St John's Cathedral

St John’s Cathedral is home to a community which seeks to bring the best of Anglican tradition into dialogue with the issues and needs of our day.

The Cathedral itself, a renowned Brisbane landmark, serves as a magnet, where diverse people gather to worship, celebrate, seek solace, converse and learn.

Sydney Organ Music Society

Established in 1950, the Organ Music Society of Sydney is a non profit organisation consisting of people who are interested in the organ and its music. The Society has formal and fraternal links with other bodies of organists in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, the United States and Canada.

Organ Music Society of Victoria

The Organ Music Society of Victoria Inc., founded in 1938, was established to encourage and uphold high musical standards amongst members, teachers and students of the organ, as well as fostering an interest in the organ and its music in the wider community. 

RSCM Australia

RSCM Australia was born out of a desire to bring together the former Australian branches of the Royal School of Church Music under a simple administration. RSCM Australia represents a national voice in church music, and aims to develop co-operative and formal links with the major church bodies in Australia. 

Organ Society of Western Australia

The Organ Society of Western Australia (Inc.) (OSWA) was formed in 1966 to promote organs and their music, and for the sharing of knowledge and experiences gained in connection with organs.

New Zealand Organ Association 

The NZOA strive to produce interesting, informative and engaging activities and content for our members and readers, and to support organ students with a variety of financial grants and awards.

Organ Music Society of Adelaide

OMS Adelaide was formed in 1939 to foster an appreciation of pipe organ music.

Organ Music on the Move

Using cutting-edge Hauptwerk technology, professional award-winning internationally trained organist with over two decades of experience, Greg Hartay-Szabo can bring the most thunderous or delicate sounds a pipe organ can generate, of indisguishable quality compared to the real thing, yet in an intimate environment, as the Hauptwerk Virtual Organ only needs a tiny amount of space compared to its 'bigger brothers'.

Organ Builders in Queensland

Brisbane and the surrounding region is fortunate to be the home of Organ Builders with great expertise.


The Organ Society of Queensland welcomes the significant information and skill base that they provide for the organ community in the state. In addition we are grateful for their support for many aspects of the Organ Society's activities.

City Hall Auditorium and Organ Tours

The Brisbane City Hall conducts tours which incorporate visiting the Auditorium and the Organ. A professional organist demonstrates the organ for the small tour party.

Details and bookings are available via the Museum of Brisbane

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