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Successful OSQ 70th Anniversary

On 7th May members and friends celebrated the Society's 70th Anniversary with a luncheon event.

Guests were entertained by a memorable talk by the Society's Patron, Emeritus Professor Peter Roennfeldt. Peter is renowned for his leadership of the musical life of Brisbane, and his interest in the place of the organ and organists in the state's history. He is a superb researcher in this field and has addressed the Society previously about early organists in Brisbane. He is a published author, and his book on Madame Mallalieu, one of the first organ recitalists in the town is a masterpiece of knowledge about her contribution and legacy.

His address at the anniversary gave a sweeping view of the organ scene as far back as 70 years before the Society's founding in 1951, as well as who were involved in the Society's formation and early years. He noted that the Society was perhaps the first such musical society that focussed on a single instrument.

Professor Roennfeldt also recounted his own connection with the organ and his musical career with various organist positions and performances, culminating in commissioning a chamber organ for the presentation of special organ events, and student use at the Conservatorium.

The Society is indebted to Professor Roennfeldt for his illustrative talk and his patronage for the Society,

The event was also marked by the contribution of long term member and Past president Dr Steven Nisbet to an extensive slideshow of past and present organs, members and visiting identities over the years. This was followed by an "Organ-ic Quiz" about organs in Queensland, and the presentation of a "70th Anniversary Booklet" outlining the "Seven decades of action" showing many of the people that have made the Society an ongoing success.

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