Organ Society of Queensland Inc

The Organ Society of Queensland was founded by pipe organ

music enthusiasts in 1952. The Society aims to promote an

appreciation of organ music and organs in the community,

and to provide an avenue for discussion of matters of mutual

interest to organists. 

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Thursday 18 February 7.00pm
Hector Olivera - Bach to Beatles
Brisbane City Hall

What a blast! Hector Olivera's concert on 18 February was a great success. He is an entertainer, and also a brilliant improvisor on the Brisbane City Hall Willis Organ. As the title of the concert said, everything "From Bach to the Beatles". Bach Toccata and Fugue of course, then when it came to the Beatles it started out with a sort of rocking background, then suddenly we heard a few notes of the theme - firstly Eleanor Rigby. That's how it was, the "Beatles Fantasia" would rock along and suddenly you would hear another theme. It was fun to listen for the first few notes and try and deduce which song it was...
For those who weren't there (or for those who couldn't quite place each tune) - Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday, Obladi Oblada, Hey Jude.
If that sequence wasn't enough, Hector reprised by going backwards through the titles to the majestic conclusion.
Then there was the Improvisation on an unannounced theme. Hector did another grand rolling background, and then again suddenly out popped the theme - the ABC Radio News theme!
Not content with the advertised program, Hector gave us, as an encore, his version of - you guessed it - Widor's Toccata. Of course. He talked to us too, (see photo) and expressed his sheer delight in playing this City Hall Organ again, after 37 years!!
And we expressed our sheer delight in hearing him.​


Membership is open to all who are interested in furthering these aims, organists and listeners alike.

Activities of the OSQ include organ concerts, talks and workshops on organs and organ music, performance of organ music in various contexts (church music, concerts, etc), organ building, and other related topics; organ rambles i.e. inspection visits to organs in various localities, plus CD/DVD functions and Special Events.

The Society's Newsletters are sent to members and are available on this site. Members also receive the Journal Organ Australia. The Journal contains interesting articles on topics relating to organ music and the organ as an instrument, and publicizes organ and societal events for the coming months.The OSQ AGM is usually held in July each year.

 The OSQ also conducts organ tutorials for groups of church organists in local churches, tailoring sessions to the interests and needs of the participants. An organ consultancy service is also offered by the OSQ to assist local churches in matters relating to organ repairs, rebuilds, on all types of new organs. Welcome to our website, and if you wish to contact the society please do so through our Blog/Forum page , also accessible from the Index on left.